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November 2020
Cheshvan/Kislev, 5781
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Torah Portions for November

Jewish Holidays in November

Other Holidays in November

  • All Month:Native American Heritage Month
  • Nov 1: All Saint's Day, Daylight Savings Time Ends
  • Nov. 3: US National Election Day
  • Nov. 11: Veterans Day
  • Nov. 26: Thanksgiving Day (US)
  • Nov. 30: St. Andrew's Day (Scotland)

WesternHebrewHebrew MonthJewish HolidaysTorah PortionThis Day in History/Notes
114Cheshvan All Saint's Day, Día de Muertos, Daylight Savings Time Ends, 1348: The Union of Valencia attacked the Jews of Morvedre for allegedly being royalists.

215Cheshvan 1917: 17 IWW members beaten, tarred and feathered by anti-Union mob in Tulsa, OK

316Cheshvan US Election Day, 1956: The Khan Yunis killings by the Israel Defense Forces in Egyptian-controlled Gaza result in the deaths of 275 Palestinians.

417Cheshvan 1913: Benjamin Cardozo was elected Justice of State Supreme Court of New York.

518Cheshvan 2002: Lisa Lingle elected as first Jewish governor of Hawaii

619Cheshvan 1962: The 17th session of the U.N. General Assembly passed Res. 1761 condemning apartheid in South Africa.

720Cheshvan Parashat Vayera1910: 1st Airfreight delivery

821Cheshvan 1892: Thirty thousand black and white, factory and dock workers staged a general strike in New Orleans.

922Cheshvan 1938: First day of Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany, 1917: 41 suffrage picketers arrested in front of White house

1023Cheshvan 1938: Second day of Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany

1124Cheshvan Veteran's Day (US), Armistice Day, 1887: Four anarchist labor activists executed in Chicago for the Haymarket riot

1225Cheshvan 1989: Tens of thousands of Americans joined “Mobilize for Women’s Lives” in more than 150 cities and towns nationwide.

1326Cheshvan 1956: SCOTUS ruled segregation unconstitutional in public transportation in the case of Browder v. Gayle.

1427Cheshvan Parashat Chayei Sara1971: Mariner 9 becomes first human spacecraft to orbit a planet

1528Cheshvan 1935: German Jews deprived of citizenship rights

1629Cheshvan Sigd1989: Six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter were brutally murdered by U.S. trained and supported death squads in El Salvador.

171KislevRosh Chodesh Kislev 1980: Hundreds were arrested at the Women's Pentagon Action protest of patriarchy and its war-making.

182Kislev 1964: FBI director J. Edgar Hoover publicly characterized Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. as "the most notorious liar in the country." King replied that Hoover "has apparently faltered under the awesome burden, complexities, and responsibilities of his office."

193Kislev 1943: Nazis liquidate Janowska concentration camp in Lemberg (Lviv), western Ukraine, murdering at least 6,000 Jews after a failed uprising and mass escape attempt.

204Kislev Transgender Day of Rememberance

215Kislev Parashat Toldot164 BCE: Judas Maccabeus, son of Mattathias of the Hasmonean family, restores the Temple in Jerusalem.

226Kislev 1909: In New York City, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union went on strike against sweatshop conditions in what became known as the "Uprising of the 20,000" and the "Girl's Revolt."

237Kislev 2004: US troops invade town of Fallujah in Iraq

248Kislev 1859: Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species

259Kislev 1986: President Ronald Reagan and Attorney General Edwin Meese revealed that $30 million in profits from secret arms sales to Iran had been diverted to support the Nicaraguan contra insurgents in violation of U.S. law.

2610Kislev Thanksgiving Day (USA), 1970: American Indian activists marked Thanksgiving with a National Day of Mourning for Native Americans by occupying Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

2711Kislev National Buy Nothing Day

2812Kislev Parashat Vayetzei1991: The U.S. Congress passed the Comprehensive Threat Reduction Act which provided funding to assist with the destruction of Soviet nuclear and chemical warheads.

2913Kislev 1864: US cavalary troops kill nearly 500 Cheyenne & Arapaho in the Sand Creek Massacre

3014Kislev 1215: Pope Innocent II, in a papal bull ordered that Jews, "whether men or women, must in all Christian countries distinguish themselves from the rest of the population in public places by a special kind of clothing."

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